Hakim renews his support for Talabani’s initiative of holding national meeting

Hakim renews his support for Talabani\

Baghdad ( The head of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Ammar al-Hakim, renewed his support to the initiative of the Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani, to hold the national meeting to settling the current political crisis.

During his speech at the anniversary of 9th of Muharram, Hakim said that “The country confronts great challenges that must be faced courageously in order not to be driven by the crises, but to seek to dismantle them through adopting fruitful dialogue, and resorting to the Constitution and the previous agreements as best solution to address these problems.”

He continued saying “We reiterate our support to the president’s initiative to hold the planned national meeting to overtake the crises through the negotiations and abandoning the tensed statements which give rise to the existing political strife.”

In talking about the scourge of corruption, Hakim stressed “The corruption is the key devastator of the state and first violator of the rights of the people, therefore it must be rooted out but not through the anti-corruption banners which represent another face of corruption that are dedicated for political defame.”

As for the regional developments, Hakim said “On occasion of the anniversary of Ashurra, the immortal epic of oppressed against the oppressor, we confirm our support and solidarity to the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip at a time we denounce the international shameful silence towards what is done by the Israeli military forces against the armless people in Gaza Strip.”

Concerning the Syrian crisis, he added “The Syrian people deserve freedom, dignity and security, hence we call upon all sides in Syria to adopt the dialogue and resort to peaceful means in resolving the crisis away from the foreign interventions since only the Syrian themselves able to relief their sufferings.”

In a commentary on the events in Bahrain, the head of SIIC stated “We still hope from the leadership of Bahrain to show wisdom and logic in dealing with the current events and avoid using force against the defenseless people.”

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