Hamoudi denies accusations claiming Iraqi Shiite politicians’ loyalty for Iran

Hamoudi denies accusations claiming Iraqi Shiite politicians\

Baghdad ( The leading figure of the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Humam Hamoudi stressed the falseness of the accusations which claimed that the Shiite political forces seek to put Iraq under control of Iran and joining it within a front along with Syria.

Hamoudi mentioned in a press conference “Iraq is run by political alliance comprising all the political forces and the social components,” stressing that “Iraq will not be part of any pillar in the region, and the country adopts openness policy with all countries for sake of political, economic and development partnerships.”

In response to a question about Iraq’s support for the Syrian regime Hamoudi said “Our position is clear towards the Syrian crisis and we do not want be shown as supporters to the Syrian regime nor the armed groups and terrorists in Syria.”

He continued saying “We are with the demands of the Syrian people who appeal for democracy, freedom and peaceful transition for the power, but we do not want to be part in the fight because it will creep towards our country.”

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