Hamoudi emphasizes balance as constitutional demand

Hamoudi emphasizes balance as constitutional demand

Baghdad ( The head of the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee, Humam Hamoudi, emphasized the balance as a constitutional demand, stressing that most of the problems in the country comes from violation the constitution despite its clear articles.

A statement by Hamoudi’s office received by “Hamoudi received representatives of the students admitted to the Foreign Service Institution from Baghdad, Salah-il-Din, Najaf, Nineveh and Diyala as well Babel provinces to discuss the problem of keeping them without final decision from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs despite the fact that they have applied to the Institution since a long period.”

“The Students called the Parliamentary Committee to interfere to solve their problem,” the statement added.

“Hamoudi clarified that the new Iraq stresses justice among the Iraqis who are equal according to the constitution,” the statement continued.

“Hamoudi called to consider justice in distributing the job opportunities in the Governmental Departments and to ensure balance in the diplomatic missions of Iraq,” the statement concluded.

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