IHEC participates in Jordanian elections

IHEC participates in Jordanian elections

Baghdad ( A delegation of the Independent High Electoral Commission participated in the Jordanian parliamentary elections which are being held in Jordan.

A statement by the IHEC received by cited “The IHEC delegation comprised the Deputy head of the IHEC, Katea al-Zubai, the Commissioner, Soroor al-Hitawi and the head of the Operations Department, Walid al-Zaidi, has visited the headquarter of the Jordanian IHEC to be acquainted with the parliamentary elections as an international delegation.”

“The delegation visited some electoral centers in the Jordanian Capital, Amman, and was acquainted with the procedures of holding the elections where it recorded some notes.”

It is worth mentioning that the IHEC participated in several international elections where it was invited to participate in the Jordanian elections as an international observer.

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