INA calls to urgently investigate Falluja recent unrest

INA calls to urgently investigate Falluja recent unrest

Baghdad ( The Iraqi National Alliance called on the concerned authorities to launch urgent investigation over Falluja recent events and serve the perpetrators the maximum punishment.

The INA reported in a statement recited by head of the State of Law Coalition’s parliamentary bloc, Khalid al-Atiya “The INA is seriously following up the legitimate demands of the demonstrators and seeks to discuss those demands with the other political blocs through holding intensified meetings to reach solutions for this issue.”

Atiya continued saying “We still have time to continue dialogue among the political blocs to speed up endorsing the important laws that are within those demands.”

“The INA renewed its call to the demonstrators to avoid all what lead to mixing with the security forces which we call to show restraint in order to block the way in front of the terrorist groups that seek to make things out of control,” he concluded.

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