INA condemns sectarian calls coinciding with Anbar demonstrations

INA condemns sectarian calls coinciding with Anbar demonstrations

Baghdad ( The Iraqi National Alliance condemned the sectarian calls coinciding with the demonstrations of Anbar province.

In a press statement received by, the INA stated “Iraq is facing a clear decline in its priorities set the government and the political leaders to face the challenges that Iraq and the region are facing and due to this situation, the INA feels that the governmental performance of the political blocs participating in the government did not reach the required level.”

“The current crisis needs a real partnership in holding the responsibility where the INA calls to reconsider the requited service in order to avoid a million demonstrations that may happen in all the Iraqi provinces due to the lack of services as the latest rainwater resulted in sinking most of the areas,” the statement added.

The statement pointed out “INA calls to face the sectarian calls and the violence by the public unity to make the enemies of Iraq loss the chance of getting their goals done.”

“The INA calls also to activate the project of reforming the government by the implantation of the constitution and separation of the authorities in addition to respecting the judiciaries and not to monopoly the decisions making,” the statement concluded.

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