INA confirms necessity of keeping on dialogue among all sides

INA confirms necessity of keeping on dialogue among all sides

Baghdad ( The Iraqi National Alliance confirmed the necessity of keeping on dialogue with all other sides to relieve tensions.

A source from INA stated to “INA, will all its sides, emphasizes the importance of keeping on the dialogue with all the political blocs and the other sides to relieve the tensions in the country.”

The Iraqi political scene witnesses escalated crisis among the political blocs over issues related to the partnership and other key issues especially between the Iraqiya Slate and the State of Law Coalition in one hand in addition to the disputes between the Kurdistani Regional Government and Central Government on the other hand.

The crisis led to demonstrations conducted in a number of provinces calling for releasing the women detainees and the prisoners, canceling Justice and Accountability Law as well as Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism Law in addition to ensuring the balance and other demands.

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