INA, KA hold meeting to discuss disputes issues over General Budget law

INA, KA hold meeting to discuss disputes issues over General Budget law

Baghdad ( The representatives of the Iraqi National Alliance and the Kurdistani Alliance hold a meeting at the parliament building to discuss the disputes issues regarding 2013 General Budget law draft.

MP, Ali al-Allaq, of the State of Law Coalition stated to “A meeting is being held between the representatives of the INA and the KA to discuss the pending issues related to the 2013 General Budget law draft.”

“One of the pending issues is the ratio of Kurdistan Region,” he added, noting that “Some of the issues are technical and others are political where the first one is related to the merits of the oil companies that are working in Kurdistan Region that is about 4.2 IQD Trillion and the Kurds call to be paid, but the government called Kurdistan Region to pay 8 IQD Trillion due to the deficit caused by the reduction of the oil production.”

“The other issues are political and related to the ratio of Kurdistan Region where Kurdistan Region calls to keep it 17% of the budget where the political sides are discussing this issue,” he pointed out.

“The meeting aims at settling the disputes and endorse the General Budget as soon as possible,” he concluded.

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