INA stresses eagerness to address current crisis

INA stresses eagerness to address current crisis

Baghdad ( The Iraqi National Alliance stressed its real intention to address the current crises in Iraq, confirming the legitimacy of the peaceful demonstrations.

In a press conference held jointly with MPs from the INA, MP Khalid al-Atiya said “Due to the seriousness of the situation in our dear country, the INA held, over the past few days, many meetings with all the political sides to discuss the ramifications of the current demonstrations.”

“At a time we affirm the right to launch peaceful demonstrations, we emphasize our eagerness to resolve the crisis experienced by the country through collaboration with all the political blocs,” he added.

“The INA calls on the national political forces, the clergymen, civil society organizations, and tribal figures to have role in calming down the tensions to give chance to the dialogue to reach constructive solutions for the problems,” Atiya concluded.

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