Iqbal condemns assassinating Jubour chieftain in Mosul

Iqbal condemns assassinating Jubour chieftain in Mosul

Baghdad ( MP Mohamed Iqbal of the Wasat Alliance within the Iraqiya Slate condemned the assassination of the chieftain of Jubour tribe, Mohamed Tahir Abed Rabah, stressing that “This act comes within the series of targeting the moderate national voice in Nineveh province.”

Iqbal said in a statement received by “We would like to present our condolence to the late chieftain’s family,” noting that “The assassination of the martyr clearly indicates that the approach of Iraq’s opponents lies in belittling the Iraqis’ lives to satisfy the desire of revenge and hatred they bear in their sick selves.”

He called on “Nineveh people to preserve the national unity and show solidarity to safeguard bright future for their province and achieve the goals they demands for.”

Earlier this Monday gunmen have assassinating Jubour chieftain in western Mosul.

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