Iqbal condemns assassinating Sunni Endowment’s official in Nineveh

Iqbal condemns assassinating Sunni Endowment\

Baghdad ( MP Mohamed Iqbal of the Wasat Alliance within the Iraqiya Slate described the targeting of the Deputy Director of Sunni Endowment Office in Nineveh province as an approach of Iraq’s opponents to infringe the faiths and sanctities in order to satisfy the overtones of revenge and hatred they carry in their sick souls.

Iqbal called “Nineveh’s security forces and local government to take utmost care to protect the lives of its people in this sensitive phase.”

He strongly condemned “the terrorist operation that targeted the Deputy Director of Sunni Endowment Office, Daham Hussein al-Jubouri, while he was on his way home after he completed Friday prayer, describing it as a part of an attempt that aim to target the moderate Islamic voice in the province.”

It is worth mentioning that gunmen have assassinated Jubouri after on his way home in Amil neighborhood western Mosul.

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