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Iran hides hundreds of Iraqi prisoners, Yawar

Iraqi prisoners of war taken captive during the Iran-Iraq War of 1980 – File Photo

NINEWA / Secretary General of Justice and Reform Movement called the Iraqi government to press Iran to release hundreds of Iraqi prisoners since the Iraqi-Iranian war. Sheikh Abdulla Hmaidi Al-Yawar told that “there are certified documents, reported by media organs, on the existence of hundreds of Iraqi prisoners in Iran since the Iraqi-Iranian war”. “These prisoners were hidden from the Red Cross Organization“, he added. Yawar expressed his astonishment that the Iraqi government did not move to solve this question, though Iran has become a center for Iraqi delegations. He called the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani and Parliament Speaker Usama Nujaifi to discuss the matter during their continued visits to Iran, calling Iraqi politicians not to receive the Iranian ambassador who is roaming Iraq to grant gifts. Yawar concluded that his movement will inform the Red Cross Organization and the United Nations about these documents on Iraqi prisoners.

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