Iran’s situations didn’t help in reconciliation in Iraq, says Iraqi Vice President

Iraqi Vice President, Iyad Allawi
Iraqi Vice President, Iyad Allawi


( Iraqi Vice President Iyad Allawi said in an interview with ‘Al-Hadath’ TV channel, that Iran’s situations and the statements of some of its officials did not encourage national reconciliation in Iraq.

Allawi stressed that the intervention of Iranian military leaders in Tikrit caused the operation to fail.

On the other hand, Iraqi Vice President held those he described as outlaws responsible for violations took place in Salahuddin province.


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  1. Allawi’ld be a perfect fit PM for Iraq. Maybe he’ld help Iranian dissidents in CampLiberty getting a safe place to live in.

  2. The Mullah empire is trying to distract from its incompetence and stupidity by using its stooges to place the blame on the US and the coalition. Whoever would fall for this tactic would have to be a complete idiot.

  3. The Iranian Militia’s boasted of quickly taking Tikrit city without the US airstrikes help, well everyone saw many days later that boast had failed and obviously had bogged down and was not advancing into Tikrit city.

    The President then stood up and asked the US and Coalition Countries to help to precision bomb Tikrit to the help the Iraqi Security Forces and knowing well that the Iranian Militias would object to that, and which the Iranian’s did object then stop fighting and moved away well back from the fighting at the city.

    Then the American and Coalition Countries came to Tikrit city and precision bombed along with the Iraqi Air Force, they all together with the Iraqi Security forces within a few days had entered into Tikrity city and started taking city buildings away from ISIL killing ISIL and forceing other ISIL to retreat, they together succeeded where they really did not need help from the Iranian Militias which really was NOT helping and really caused it to fail.

    So Iyad Allawi is correct and not afraid to stand up and say that to the media that the Iranian military leaders in Tikrit caused the operation to fail, and it is clear to everyone that with the American Coalitions helping the Iraq Forces on their own then took buildings inside Tikrit city away from ISIL and liberated them and citizens can return soon to those buildings as soon as they can be cleared of any booby trap bombs ISIL may have planted in the buildings.

    Congratulations Iraq and your military forces did fight very bravely in Tikrit city and the surrounding district to liberate it from ISIL.

  4. Seriously? Just be advised dud, without the Iranian help, It was no Iraq by now and your head had been cut off by ISIS long time ago. You owe your life to Iranian and must be grateful.

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