Iraq discovers mass grave of Kuwaiti captives in Muthanna

File Photo: Manal (left) and Heba al-Attar hold photographs of their brother, Jamal, a Kuwaiti prisoner of war believed to be held in Iraq. JOSEPH GIORDONO / Stars & Stripes

Muthanna ( – Iraqi authorities announced on Saturday the discovery of a mass grave believed to be containing remains of Kuwaiti captives, who were executed by the former regime of Saddam Hussein in Muthanna governorate.

In a press release carried by the Arabic-language Alghad Press website, Governor of Muthanna Ahmed Jouda said that local security and intelligence forces received information on the presence of a mass grave containing remains of Kuwaiti captives killed by Saddam’s regime in the governorate desert.

He noted that the local authorities informed competent authorities to take legal action to confirm the discovery.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has recently found some remains of suspected Kuwaiti victims in the desert of Muthanna, and took DNA samples to identify the bodies.

Kuwaiti authorities have indicated that the human remains will be locally re-examined for final authentication.

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