Iraq’s relieving from UN sanctions to enhance its presence at international forums, says SLC MP


Baghdad ( MP Mufeed al-Baldawi of the State of Law Coalition stressed that Iraq’s relieving from the UN Charter’s Seventh Chapter will enhance the country’s standing at the international forums and complete its sovereignty.

Baldawi said “Iraq highly committed to the international resolutions with regard to the Seventh Chapter and held several meetings with Kuwait where it re-demarcated the borders with Kuwait and paid the required compensations, so it is time to get rid of the UN sanctions stated in the 7th Chapter.”

“Iraq suffered a lot while being under this Chapter and its exception from these sanctions will strengthen our revenues and improve the country’s economic situation to be present at all the international forums,” he added.

Iraq lives these days historical moments while waiting for lifting the UN sanctions imposed on the country for 23 years following the former regime’s occupation for Kuwait in 1990.

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