Iraq slams Israel’s “nation-state” law, says not recognizing Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his speech to the UN General Assembly

Baghdad ( Iraq has slammed a recently approved law by Israeli lawmakers which proclaims Israel as an exclusively Jewish state, saying it feeds racism.

In a statement released on Monday, the Iraqi foreign ministry said the “nation-state” law “entrenches racism and undermines whatever hope left for the peace process and the Palestinian cause”.

The ministry stressed it “does not recognize the Zionist entity and the illegitimate Knesset from which that law emerged”, adding that the law violates all international conventions regarding settlement activity.

The law, passed last week, gives Jews an exclusive right to self-determination, a provision which the Arab minority, which accounts for nearly 20 percent of the population, deemed racist. It also removes Arabic from the state’s list of official languages, only giving it a special status.The approval of the law came through a narrow majority of votes and had witnessed intense debates among Knesset members.

The legislation comes only two months after Israel marked the 70th anniversary of its establishment, and the U.S. decision to relocate its embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a move which sparked an Arab and Palestinian uproar and ignited clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces.


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  1. Amusing fact : after the whole Arab-League 1948 illegal attack on the new born stae of Israel, which, as Azzam Pasha said, was supposed to be a war of extermination, Iraq expelled 130,000 NON-Israeli Jews, stealing their lands and wealth, while she took only 5,000 “Palestinian” refugees.

    The more amusing is… That it wasn’t Israelis who expelled the 711,000 Palestinians, it was the Arab-League! They also expelled 850,000 Non-Israeli Jews (and 1.2 millions as a total by 1972) stealing 120,000 km² of real-estate from them and about $200 billions while it wasn’t Arab-League paying for refugees but the UN. Moreover, UNRWA made Palestinians becoming forever refugees since children inherit the refugee status from parents, they also become lazy since UNRWA subsides are on par with Lebanese minimal salary, 2x Syrian minimal salary and 4x Algerian minimal salary.
    In fact, the “Palestinians” who preferred to stay in Israel have been better treated than ANY Arab-League full citizen while all Palestinians, who before 1948, were in fact mostly Jordan, then Egyptian or Syrian citizens, some also being Saudis, Yemenis, Iraqis, Lebanese, etc, were ALL deprived from their passports when PLO was founded in 1964.

    Palestinian leaders, including Arafat, Abbas, Zahir Muhsein and even some Hamas ones like Fathi Hammad have ALL publicly said that the Palestinian people didn’t existed and recognised it being a total fraud created on the sole purpose to destroy the state of Israel.
    How funny Iraqi foreign ministry talking about racism while Iraq did ethnic cleansing on iraqi non-Israeli Jews (and also on other minorities, the most recent ones being Yezidis, Kurds and Sunnis through the IRGC-created Da’esh! Yes! Soleimani is ISIL’s real creator and if cities surrendered to Da’ish, militaries were ordered not to resist!).

    All these double standards are a pity. Iraq has became an Iranian puppet, just like Lebanon, period!

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