Iraq to internationally sue former Emir of Qatar, says MP

Iraq to internationally sue former Emir of Qatar, says MP

Baghdad ( The White Iraqiya bloc announced Iraq’s readiness to sue the former Emir of Qatar on his supporting for terrorism after lifting the UN sanctions on Iraq.

Head of the bloc, Jamal al-Batiekh stated to Iraqi News ( “Ceding crown to Hamad bin Khalifa does nothing for benefit of Iraq,” noting “Qatar adopts hostile attitude towards Iraq and much supported the terrorists and the extremist Islamic movements to implement the Turkish-Saudi plan in the region.”

“After getting rid of the UN sanctions stated in the UN Charter’s Seventh Chapter and restoring the full sovereignty, Iraq will be able to sue Emir of Qatar at the International Court,” he added, pointing out “We will collect the votes at the parliament in this respect.”


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  1. what aload of garbage we all know who is resopmsible for violence and it is MALAKI and lyingg shias who use terrorism to to persecute sunnis and back US lies and Iran and ASSAD over fake al qeada claims al NUSRA group amnd MALAKI making scapegoatas and torturing people to say belong to al wqeada and US admitted no alqeada in Iraq yrs ago and just iraqis using the name and what MALKI is doing is trying to deflect attention away from his gov and his refusal to getjustice for all iraqis off the real terrorists the US UK

  2. Shirley, that’s why you and Emir’s begging us to arm rebels?. Qatari Emir, Saudi Dictators begging U.S, U.K and FRANCE for support. If West stop your support Hezbollah , Iran and Assad ‘ll kick your asses.
    From Pakistan to Africa Qatar, Saudi Arabia are biggest supporter of terrorism. More than 3200 Salafi/Wahabi madrissas get aid from Saudi Embassy in Islamabad. Qatar now leading this group as they got mad after Gaz discover.
    We need money and ressources that’s why we support people like you and sold weapons of billions dollar. West target is Iranian ressources and we ‘ll take full control of Iran.
    Go and take bayah of new Qatari Disco Dancer TAMIM.

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