Iraqi Christian church burnings confirmed by EU delegation

Image of a church that was attacked and burned by ISIL in Mosul.

Mosul ( On Monday a European Union Delegation in Iraq confirmed that ISIL burned several churches in Mosul. They terrorized residents and raped five girls in the east side of the city.

The Iraq Government’s official news channel announced that an “EU delegation in Iraq confirmed that the terrorist elements of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant burned churches completely, as well as terrorized innocent civilians.”

The channel added that “several Christian civilians escaped from ISIL terrorists in Nineveh; they raped five girls in the east side of Mosul.”

The terrorist elements of the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant had already detonated a church under construction by improvised explosive devices in the neighborhood of al-Wahda, which is located to the east of Mosul, Nineveh province.


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  1. so what alright for shia terrorists tpo bomb sunni funerals and mosques the eu us terrorists are slaughtering arabs committing genocide but you dont hear one of their fithy lying scum delegates admitting that or that us eu are trying to push dictator malaki unallowed 3rd term illegal to stay in power the us war criminals are pushing the world to war fithy lying europeans and rest this will bring on world war idiotsand that scum in iran calling every sunni a terrorist along with us have bought this on me what about hizbollah eu delegated terrorist org you bloody s***e hypocrites wake up[ us is using this to get to syria and iran this shows us eu contempt for democracy and us meeting with hizbollah are only interested in destroying me if us moves on iraq is an act of wartime the isrealiu lover putin told the truth

  2. Alhamdullah?!? What exactly are you thankful for? Have you not read the Quran? Verse 109.6 لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ.. You follow your religion and I’ll follow mine.
    These are the teachings of the holy Quran. The same Quran you claim to believe in. Now tell me why would a true Muslim praise those that are blowing up places of worship??
    May Allah guide us all to the righteous path.

  3. Those almojahdean you speak of, what is the sole purpose of their jihad? And what grounds in Islam does it justify slaughtering fellow Muslims (shia & Sunni) and Christians. Where exactly in the Quran or any Hadith does it permit such acts? Four women committed suicide because ISIL rapped them, thousands of innocent men, women and children are killed for what reason? Those pathetic non-believers are committing those horrid acts and hiding behind ‘Islam’ to justify there actions. That is NOT ISLAM and they are NOT Muslim.

  4. It might be muslim who did but Islam never teach such this terrible situation…. Islam teach a peaceful…even every religion too… that is why there is a word ” not everyone in this world is perfect… everyone make a mistake… human never be perfect…” … read Quran and u will understand better… dont follow what people did … that is why how it is very important to have a knowledge… think rasionally…

  5. ISIL terrorists are not following the Islamic faith. You can not be a Muslim and do anything like this. I would have never converted to Islam if what these terrorists are doing represented the teachings of the Islamic faith. They are all going to rot in the depths of hell.

    • Didn’t Mohammed order close to his death that no churches are allowed to exist in the Arabian peninsula? Clearly, ISIS has a lot to draw on in terms of historical precedents.

  6. These ISIL scum bags and all their family members need to be wiped out so they can no further procreate and continue this mass murder. Who in Gods name is funding these people?

  7. Happy ramadan. fill more blood into your cups. make nice lightsup out of their flesh and sent it to Shia kings and sunni kings. beheadings, lashes, stone to death, crusifications suppressing of women it is all old. The Jews did it and nicely written down in the holy book. It is not new. The muslims just upgrade it, renew it and modernise it. BUT IN JESUS CHRIST YOU SEE CLEARLY THE DIFFENTS. aLLELULYA.

  8. My brothers and sisters muslims, this time not need to say that the ISIS or all islamic jihadist and radiclist are not according to muslim teaching and faith. This act of killings, fightings, raping supressings, rebelings are the fruits of their teachings and faith and even the fruit of a very systematical and well organised teaching of faith according to the fundamental and ariginal islamic doctrins. The know it with full knowladge about their true doctrinal resources and they keep faith in it and proclaim it out as terorist which is rooted, based and founded in islam in different names. Please don’t feel shy to acknowledge it as the true fact of the present reality of islam. If some of you are saying this is not true muslims, they also will claim you as not true muslims.

  9. To the followers of the Islam I say: Carry out my command, protect and help the Nazarene nation in this country of ours in their own land.

    Leave their places of worship in peace; help and assist their chief and their priests when in need of help, be it in the mountains, in the desert, on the sea, or at home.

    Leave all their possessions alone, be it houses or other property, do not destroy anything of their belongings, the followers of Islam shall not harm or molest any of this nation, because the Nazarenes are my subjects, pay tribute to me, and will help the Moslems.

    No tribute, but what is agreed upon, shall be collected from them, their church buildings shall be left as they are, they shall not be altered, their priests shall be permitted to teach and worship in their own way–the Christians have full liberty of worship in their churches and homes.

    None of their churches shall be torn down, or altered into a mosque, except by the consent and free will of the Nazarenes. If anyone disobeys this command, the anger of Allah and His Prophet shall be upon him.
    The tribute paid the Nazarenes shall be used to promote the teachings of Islam and shall be deposited at the treasury of bayt al-mal. A common man shall pay one dinar, but the merchants and people who own mines of gold and silver and are rich shall pay twelve dinars. Strangers and people who have no houses or other settled property shall not have taxes levied upon them. If a man inherits property he shall pay a settled sum to the bayt al-mal treasury.

    The Christians are not obliged to make war on the enemies of Islam, but if an enemy attacks the Christians, the Mohammedans shall not deny their help, but give them horses and weapons, if they need them, and protect them from evils from outside and keep the peace with them. The Christians are not obliged to turn Moslems, until God’s will makes them believers.

    The Mohammedans shall not force Christian women to accept Islam, but if they themselves wish to embrace it, the Mohammedans shall be kind to them.

    If a Christian woman is married to a Mohammedan and does not want to embrace Islam, she has liberty to worship at her own church according to her own religious belief, and her husband must not treat her unkindly on account of her religion.

    If anyone disobeys this command, he disobeys God and his prophet and will be guilty of a great offense.

    If the Nazarenes wish to build a church, their Mohammedan neighbors shall help them. This shall be done, because the Christians have obeyed us and have come to us and pleaded for peace and mercy.

    If there be among the Christians a great and learned man the Mohammedans shall honor him and not be envious of his greatness.

    If anyone is unjust and unkind to the Christians he will be guilty of disobeying the Prophet of God.

    The Christians should not shelter an enemy of Islam or give him horse, weapon or any other help.

    If a Mohammedan is in need the Christian shall for three days and nights be his host and shelter him from his enemies.

    The Christians shall, furthermore, protect the Mohammedan women and children and not deliver them up to the enemy or expose them to view.

    For the first time in 1800 years there was no mass in Nineveh (mosul).
    Assyria as I call it, Iraq as it’s called today.
    Members and supporters of ISIS and any other killers , have no religion.
    My entire family were born and bread in “Iraq” and was told growing up, that Christian and Muslims born in Iraq never really had issues about religion. Peace is it, most of my family member best faith was Muslim. The Media and governments around the world have shunned Assyrians. As an Assyrian Christian I can’t help but feel that we had been put to the side like we are nothing. We will rise and take back out land from those who have burned our churches and raped and killed my people for far to long.

    This homeland is our motherland born and bread for 7 thousand years!

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