Iraqi Parliament identifies Baiji as disaster area

Iraqi parliament considers the city of Baiji as a disaster area.
During a session of the Iraqi parliament. File photo

( Baghdad – The Iraqi Parliament on Wednesday identified of Baiji city in Salahuddin Province as a disaster area due to the devastation that has been inflicted upon.

The Parliament voted on the decision during its meeting on Wednesday, which was chaired by Salim al-Jubouri, after the submission of documents and figures by Salahuddin members of parliament confirming the destruction that was inflicted on the city of Baiji.

Salahuddin MP Ahmed al-Fahl in a statement said, “Significant damage is caused in Baiji and the majority of civilians’ houses here have also been destroyed.”

“It is estimated that around 90 per cent of the city is destroyed and most of the citizens are now not in a position to return to their houses here,” the statement added.

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