Iraqi parliament partially passes budget, including disputed Kurdish share

Iraqi parliament.

Baghdad ( The Iraqi parliament has partially passed its 2018 budget, including the share of Kurdistan opposed by the region’s representatives.

Alsumaria News said the chamber voted Thursday for 12 articles of the document, in the presence of 170 members, and adjourned the session to Saturday.

Discussion of the budget has been called off several times over the past months.

Alsumaria quoted a parliament source saying that the session did not reach quorum.

Kurdish representatives boycotted the session, in protest at the parliament’s insistence to keep the reduction of Kurdistan’s share of the budget at 12.67%, down from 17%.

The proposed Iraqi budget is worth USD71.65 billion, with a deficit of  USD19.13 billion

Relations between Baghdad and Erbil deteriorated following Kurdistan’s vote on independence from Iraq in a popular referendum in September. With Baghdad taking penal measures against the region in response, Erbil demanded the payment of delayed employee salaries.

Baghdad has also accused Erbil of corruption in handling oil exports from fields under the region’s control, suggesting revenues could be sufficient to fulfill its expenses, a suggestion rebuffed by Erbil.



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  1. What I would like to know is when is Iraq going to Be in IMF compliance article 8 and reinstate Iraqi dinar back what it was before Saddam. Which was 3.22/1 give or take a little we got all invested in Iraqi currency would like to know when they will achieve this I know dis is something that may not be answerable but it would help to give us some insight concerning it

    thank you

  2. There many many dinar holders in the USA. Thousands are looking to ‘invest’ Iraq’s RI/RV currency in the economy & ‘humanitarian’ projects. The exchanges will allow many of us to fly to Baghdad to see how we can help. Many displaced families can finally go home & live happy, fruitful lives once again.

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