Iraqiya Slate criticizes violations committed by CG

Iraqiya Slate criticizes violations committed by CG

Baghdad ( The Iraqiya Slate criticized the constitutional violations committed by the Central Government and its dealing with the demonstrations, Anti-Terrorism law, Justice and Accountability law and the corruption issue.

Spokesperson for the IS, MP Maysoun al-Damluji, said in a press conference held in Baghdad and was attended by on Monday “We appreciate the solid stances for the Iraqi tribal leaders who forbid the demonstrations from turning into sectarian disputes.”

Damluji criticized the Prime Minister’s rejection for the law of limiting the terms of the three presidencies, saying that “Who rejects this law definitely rejects the peaceful turning of power which is against the democratic process.”

She also denounced the violations committed by “some security officers who use their positions and the Anti-Terrorism law to make fortunes through blackmailing citizens,” demanding to improve the file of the human rights.

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