Iraqiya Slate regrets incident faces Mutleg by Anbar demonstrators

Iraqiya Slate regrets incident faces Mutleg by Anbar demonstrators

Baghdad ( The Iraqiya Slate expressed regret over the incident that the Deputy Prime Minister, Salih al-Mutleg faced during his presence amid the masses of demonstrators in Anbar province on last Sunday.

A statement by the IS cited that “After being received warmly by the demonstrators, Mutleg was attacked by a small group of deviant and irresponsible people who just wanted to express their anger at the Iraqi Government.”

“Mutleg is known for his courageous stances where this incident will not dissuade him from supporting the legitimate demands of the protestors,” the statement added stressing “This situation showed the state of discontent the demonstrators feel towards the Government rather than being against Mutleg, and this what makes him more resolute in standing against the unilateral approach adopted by the Government.”

Earlier, correspondent has reported on Sunday that “Mutleg, While attempting to go up to the platform to talk to the demonstrators they threw him with shoes.”

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