IS condemns SLC’s statement against it

IS condemns SLC\

Baghdad ( The Iraqiya Slate condemned the statement of the State of Law Coalition which calls the IS to show its stance over the appearance of the former Vice-President of the former regime, Izzat al-Dori.

The spokesperson of the IS, Maysoun al-Damaluji, stated in a press statement received by “The SLC has to ask the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, to show how Dori could be in Babel province which is filled by the security forces that belong to Maliki’s office.”

“The IS has many figures that fought against the former regime and scarified a lot to save Iraq from the republic of fear and not like others who accepted the former regime and reject it now,” she added.

“The Iraqi people clearly know the beneficiary side from Dori’s appearance in then media outlets where the beneficiary side is not the IS or the demonstrators, but those who attempt to stop the demonstrations,” she pointed out, wondering about “The possibility of the existence of some sides that are cooperating with Dori to bring failure to the demonstrations and their legitimate demands.”

She assured “The adherence of the IS to the continuity of the demonstrations that are peaceful and independent and rejects the involvement of any side in them.”

Earlier, the SLC released a statement last Saturday where it criticized the IS and the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, for not condemning Dori’s statements and threats to damage the political process, assuring that “Nijaifi became a part of the crisis and no more a positive side to settle it.”

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