IS criticizes Shahristani’s statements over numbers of Falluja incident’s victims

IS criticizes Shahristani\

Baghdad ( The parliamentary Iraqiya bloc criticized the statements of the Deputy Premier, Hussein al-Shahristani, also head of the ministerial commission, which is tasked to follow up the demonstrators’ demands, over the number of Falluja events’ victims.

The head of the bloc, Salman al-Jumaili said in a press conference on Monday “Shahristani reported that the total victims of Falluja are 7 deaths including two of the army members and two terrorists and three demonstrators based on information of officials and top officers.”

He stressed “The actual number of the victims is 7 martyrs and 56 injured persons according to reliable reports, wondering about Shahristani’s dealing with such information.”

“These information that were reported by the security leaders are not accurate,” Jumaili concluded.

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