IS MP describes Barzani’s visit to Kirkuk as Provocative

IS MP describes Barzani\

Baghdad ( MP, Omer al-Jobouri, of the Iraqiya Slate described the visit of the President of Kurdistan Region to Kirkuk province as “A provocative and an announcement to the beginning of wars.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “Barzani’s visit to Kirkuk is dangerous and provocative where it announces the beginning of the war and does not show respect to the constitution and the federal government.”

“This visit is a negative message to the mediators to settle the crisis such as the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi where Barzani has to allow them to achieve the settlement of the current crisis,” he added.

“Such action is provocative to the Arabic community in Kirkuk province because it coincides with the crisis between Kurdistan Region and the Central Government,” he pointed out, calling “The CG to reply to such actions.”

Earlier, Barzani visited Kirkuk province on Monday where he met the Peshmerga forces there.

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