IS MP describes Dori’s appearance in media outlets as Play

IS MP describes Dori\

Baghdad ( MP, Walid al-Mohammadi, of the Iraqiya Slate described the appearance of the former Vice-President of the former regime, Ezzat al-Dori in the media outlets as “A play that cannot be believed by the Iraqi people.”

In a press statement received by, he said “The reason behind Dori’s appearance is to control the demonstrations that are against the injustice and the oppression that the Iraqi people suffered from since the former regime till the present day,” noting that “The failed representation or performance of the government resulted in such attempts by such people.”

“The Iraqi people realized such attempts that aim at defaming the demonstrations and separate the Iraqi people,” he added.

“Dori lived in the best situation during the former regime and it is clear that he is living in the same situation in this time as shown in the recorded tape where he did not refer to the suffering of the Iraqi people,” he concluded.

The head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, considered the latest appearance of the former Vice-President of the previous regime, Ezzat al-Dori, in the current time as “An attempt to create sectarian sedition in Iraq,” expressing his readiness to “Kill him if the government does not try to.”

Earlier, Dori appeared in a recorded tape in the media outlets where he called to eliminate the “Safavid agents”, according to him.

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