IS MP describes visit of Iraqi delegation to KSA as Positive step

IS MP describes visit of Iraqi delegation to KSA as "Positive step"

Baghdad ( MP, Wihda al-Jumaili, of the Iraqiya Slate stated that the visit of the Iraqi delegation of Kingdom of the Saudi Arabia as “Positive step.”

In a press statement received by, she said “KSA is one of the countries that has a special value in the region and the world where Iraq is adherent to develop its relations with it,” noting that “The visit of the Iraqi delegations to KSA made the officials to be acquainted with the Iraqi situation after received inaccurate information about Iraq by some sides.”

“This visit is a positive step to make Iraq diplomatically and politically open to the other countries especially the neighboring ones such as the KSA and the Gulf countries,” she pointed out, assuring that “The visit will help in brining Iraq back to the Arab community after being isolated for many years.”

The last few weeks witnessed visits of some Iraqi delegations to the KSA.

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