IS: Wednesday bombings evidence for Government’s disability in providing security

IS: Wednesday bombings evidence for Government\

Baghdad ( The Iraqiya Slate strongly criticized the Iraqi Government’s disability in protecting the citizens and confronting the serious security deterioration in Iraq.

The IS cited in a statement received by on Wednesday “Kirkuk bombings and those occurred in different parts of Iraq on Wednesday proved the Government’s inability to secure the people.”

“The safety of our country involves the cancelation of the politicized laws and removing the military operations commands from the disputed areas, and building the state on basis of national reconciliation away from the sectarian and partisan affiliations,” the statement added.

The IS called to “urgently compensate the victims of the bombings. “

It is worth mention that a number of Kirkuk areas and Tuz Khurmatu district were targeted by bombings of car bombs, IEDs and armed attacks resulted in killing and injuring dozens mostly civilians.

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