ISIL beheaded infants, raped women and recorded their atrocities on film


( An organization entrusted with monitoring genocide revealed that members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS beheaded babies and filmed acts of rape against women during the storming of the regions of Bashir and Tuz. The organization considered the atrocities in the two regions to meet the legal definition of genocide or crimes against humanity. It called on the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to investigate.

The organization said “there is a national grassroots campaign to include acts of violence in Iraq as crimes of genocide.” In a report cited by Al Sumariya, it was disclosed that “on the 12th and 13th of June, armed groups stormed the village of Bashir which is located in the south of Kirkuk and four villages in Taza Khurmatu, armed with the latest weaponry as well as military vehicles seized after clashes with the Iraqi army.”

The organization added that “those groups began immediately committing serious human rights violations which can be described as crimes against humanity and genocide according to the provisions of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948,” noting that “women and children bore the largest share of such violations because they could not escape, however men managed to escape into Taza Khurmatu, fearing from the oppression terrorists.”

The organization said that “gunmen crucified men and women after killing them with electricity. Among those cases were a ten-year-old child according to reports from witnesses and local sources of the campaign,” pointing out that “one of the most heinous crimes was the breaking into a house and slaughtering the entire family, including about five babies who were beheaded.”

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    • Im so scared what if isis comes to America then what, but I know we have brave men and women who are willing to risk their lives to save us

      • Isis is a bunch if fear mongers. When Twitter was closing their accounts, they threatened to kill twitter employees. They promised attacks on USA, canada, Austrailia, and all other countries that fight against them. In canada we saw two murders of service men by mentally deranged people. If isis had the worldwide support they claim, we’d be at war within our countries. Isis is playing the scare game with no teeth. And if they managed to deal a major blow with our birders, isis would be defeated and eliminated very quickly.
        I never understood the violence in the Middle East or the complexity of the politics.
        If they manage to deliver a blow within our borders, they will only get a handful of people. And this fight would turn into an all out war.
        It doesn’t matter if there are 50,000 or a million. I dint think an all out war would take two months to win.
        Sleep easy our countries are stringer than you think. Out forced have never directed all their resources at a target and they would cease to exist.

      • ISIS hunting an American is like a sheep hunting a lion. I’ve got my semi-automatic for any knife wielding zealots. I think they’s be very surprised at trying to attack a free nation. They don’t realize the price was paid in blood for our freedom and we’re not giving that up.

        • A Trained ISIS Footman whos probably be fighting since he was old enough to hold a gun and defend his homeland from American invaders would have no problem at all killing a deluded American like you who thinks owning a gun makes him Rambo, you should be more humble before someone knocks you on your a*s…

          • the only thing u camel jockeys now how to hold is the ropes that r around your mommie and sisters. as for r militry, that has defeated the english 2hundred years ago. then beat the spanish1 hundred years ago, the germany twice,plus destroyed the biggest navy (japanesse) in wwii. held off the commies since then. killing towel heads will be a walk in the park. what happens to diseases that do harm, they get cured. DEATH TO DEVIL MOHAMMED AND TO THE SICK AND SATAN WORSHIPING MUSLIMS

          • Listen, a*****e–you are a despicable, IMPOTENT human being. You behead babies, you rape pregnant women and old ladies. WTF? You belong in the nuthouse.

          • We’ve been warring as long as you have, sh!tskin.

            Your religion and traitors that adhere to it need to be exterminated. So brave, beating, enslaving and raping women and children. You’re all going to die for this.

    • So the men at the villages ran away and left the women and children. WTF these men are useless cowards leaving the helpless behind. Most of the tens of thoudands of “refugees” fleeing to Europe are young muslim men. If the men are not willing to fight for their families and country why should we fight for them?

  1. Killing of innocent human beings is truly sad. The Iraqi people have already suffered enough, in fact, more than most. The good news is that ISIL is led by some really incompetent strategic planners and is already doomed. If the Iraqi army uses the right military strategy and cuts off all supplies and prevents any ISIL withdrawal or escape, then the ISIl will last at most 3 months in the field. The ISIL must not be allowed to withdraw from any locations it now holds. The only choice it should have is to surrender or perish. The biggest mistake the Iraqi military could make is allowing any withdrawal or escape. A pincer movement from the north down into Mosul from Kurdish territory would be the ideal move. Let us hope all of this violence ends quickly.

  2. A slow and a cautious assault may at most, solve the problems temporarily with high probability of repeat in future.
    @Erwin Witt agree with what you say, and would like to add further that for a permanent solution, it is imperative the IA hit back in joint strike operations with Iran and Syria waging a three winged blitzkrieg from both the North and the South while the ISIL flag is flying high, with the prime motive of not offering the perpetrators opportunities to escape to neighboring safer havens or hiding among the general population.

  3. Had Iraqi army been acted professionally and with braveness, Mosul would not have gone so easily. ISIL are totally cruel and barbaric terrorist. On other side Noor ul Maliki is confirmed fool who act more like some stubborn bureaucrat rather than a politician. Iran,KSA and Syria should help Iraq to get rid off from this dilemma. Other wise they are at the door of Arar, border city of KSA.

  4. ISIS is the most crude form of a brute barbaric ideology that’s must be treated as monstrous groups and must be fully extirpated in the best interests of human civilisation.

  5. These ppl need to be killed along w all extreamist muslims bc they only have hate in their heart. Isil be ready to get ur non existant virgins bc the US is now coming u woke up the sleeping giant are u ready to meet the true god? Ps no religion promotes death to any child.

    • This is not Muslim against the rest of the world, it’s a political movement that has an army, that is trying to take over the Middle East. This movement is utilizing religion to gain support and create tensions worldwide.
      Religion is their tool, not their cause. If we allow ourselves to resent all Muslims cause of the actions of a few, we are acting exactly as isis wants us too.
      It’s our decision to hate all Muslims or just the ones currently in the process of ethnic cleansing. Keep in mind, isis is currently killing Muslims that refuse to convert to Isis’s strict version of religion.
      Isis is against anyone that is not with them or refuses to join them, that includes Muslims and everyone else.
      I’d like to compliment the racist comments that are helping isis grow in popularity with every potential extremists, by demonstrating the narrow minded ness of some people, which portrays the world as full of Muslim haters, good work. Though the racists seem to feel the need to communicate their stupidity through these comment sections. Isis is driven by racism. Racists and isis have the same ideals. Sounds to me like the kettle calling the pot black.
      I’d also like to compliment the people that have done enough research to understand this is not an all Muslim crusade due to the simple fact that Muslims are currently killing and being killed by isis. Isis is killing everyone that stands against them, not just non Muslims.
      Thousands of Muslims are protesting against isis. I will gladly fight beside any Muslim that will stand against isis and that wants a peaceful society to raise their families in.
      Isis has convinced radicals to fight for their twisted version of Muslim religion and wants to be the leader that interprets the Quran. I’ve read they are quoting the violent portions an leaving out the rest of the text.
      I can’t form an opinion about the Muslim religion as I have no knowledge of it.

      • I agree with you Kieth. This is not at all what is taught in Quran or what our prophet taught us.
        Let me tell you all that when Islam came to this world and Muhammad (PBUH) was preaching it his own tribe was against him and Allah told him not to preach by force. Not to ask anyone to join by force but with love and and act of peace and love which will show them what Islam is all about and I am a Muslim and with all my knowledge of Islam and love for Allah and his prophets I condemn these people and condemn this as Jihad…..

      • Keith brother. Its not racism. You can be black, yellow, white, brown or mixture and still be a Muslim or a christian. Its not racist to say no to Muslim.

        Nothing to do with racism.

        I love christian Arabs/Lebanese but I hate Muslim Arabs/Lebanese!!!

        Does the above statement makes me a racist??

        I don’t think so brother.

      • Keith, you are 100 percent correct. All of this has to be looked into further. Everyone has to analyze who benefits most from the ISIS plague, and it isn’t the Muslims.

    • These people are not Muslim. Also, I found the video a bit ironic. Our leader so and so (dead) and this leader (dead) oh and this other dude (dead) and on and on … Are they not getting the picture? People responsible for mass murder and inciting mass murder end up (dead).

  6. REALLY? Where in the quran does it say that it’s ok to kill children? Innocent children!!!! You extremist jihadist seriously think you will go to heaven? Tell me what is good about what your doing? SOMEONE TELL ME 1 THING JUST ONE THING THAT IS GOOD YOU JIHADIST ARE DOING. TELL ME 1 POSITIVE AND GODLY ACTION YOU PEOPLE ARE DOING. JUST ONE. CAN YOU?

  7. Here’s why ISIS is the worst kind of enemy, and how to defeat them:
    1. Fear. They have created an image of being ruthless – thus creating fear in their enemies. Because they will cut the head off of every American or enemy they capture, that will make governments think twice about putting troops on the ground.
    2. Their Brand. The killer wears a mask not to hide his face but to show they are a group of united peoples – not an individual killing another individual.
    3. Money. They are well financed and occupy large swaths of land. They removed the gold and currency from every bank in every city they have taken over. Plus, between oil sales, hostage payouts, and extortions, the ISIS profits over 3 million dollars a day.
    4. Social media savvy. They have the world’s attention. Unlike previous videos from BinLaden and other terrorists, their videos are shot clearly with titles and a specific message in Arabic and English.
    5. Because they threaten the President, they elevate themselves to being a perceived as a legitimate to all, anywhere, all the time threat versus Al-Qaeda sneaking around at night, hiding in caves and being on the run.

    Yes like everyone here, I hope they are eliminate from this earth. That said, it is going to take more than dropping bombs. It will require a more sophisticated approach:
    1. Slow down or stop their recruiting. We need to create a social media counter offensive attack to deter other muslims and others from around the world from joining them.
    2. Regional governments and companies are going to have to step up and not make a big profit from getting cheap oil by buying ISIS oil at bargain prices.
    3. Stop paying hostage dollars. That is short term thinking. Unfortunately more people will die, but even more will if ISIS continues to get a handsome income from hostage payments from European governments.
    4. The arab and legitimate muslim worlds are going to need to publicly condemn ISIS and brand them not as saviors or religious zealots, but as criminals who will face charges for murder – another words, campaign through the media to make ISIS unpopular, versus it being a perceived as taking from the rich and getting rid of western ways and giving to the poor and making the people in their state more religiously pure.
    5. Cut off the flow of money, weapons and food to ISIS and make their life miserable to create a culture in the ISIS state — one of despair and sacrifice that is not worth their efforts or making progress.
    6. Act quickly. Use every piece of technology at our disposal to hunt down and kill the leaders of ISIS in a single major effort or as close as possible. The longer it takes, the more time other junior ISIS terrorists can learn and rise to take their fallen leader’s places. Once the main power leaders are gone, ISIS would become fractionalized and less organized — making for infighting for control and power, which could implode their cause.

    • Very well said. I’ve been researching ways to effectively and safely neutralize ISIS besides dropping a nuke. I will keep your comment saved in my research. I especially agree with you on how Muslim communities need to speak out against their practices since the Qur’an is a big influence in their behavior.

    • Very well written. I shall save your comment for my research. I completely agree with you, especially how Muslim communities need to speak out against their actions especially since ISIS rationalizes their actions with the Qur’an. take care.

  8. please tell all the muslim people who lived in western countries to come forward and condemn Isis moment and their killings. otherwise they go their and join with them. no more double standard games is western worlds.

  9. of course if Israel did that muslims would be crowding the streets of most western countries in protest – as muslims have done it they care less….

  10. If that is what the quran is doing for these idiots, ISIS then the only time I will touch a quran is when I run out of toilet paper.

  11. ISIS and their supporters are COWARDS. Hide behind mask – really brave I tell ya. I wish Mohammed their prophet was here and he would be so ashamed of them. Nothing but cowards.

  12. ISIS/ISIL is danger not only to the West but to all Muslim majority states — who these criminal buggers view as being excessively liberal in their religio-social policies/perspectives.

    I am really looking forward to the day that the UK steps up its response to ISIS and co….when that day comes, this former Royal Navy officer will raise a glass to all the matelots, bootnecks, soldiers and airman who give these filthy shites a proper thashing!

    These smelly, camo-wearing, baby killing slobs will have a real reason to hide their faces then!


  14. If they dare come to U.S , We will f**k these b*****s…………………….

  15. ISIS will never make it to the U.S. Think for a minute. Really think. HOW would an ISIS army get here? They’d be destroyed in the air or water before they hit Europe. They’re on defense and going into hiding with their desperate cries for attention in their tweets. A few mentally challenged sympathizers took those pics to try and scare us. Didn’t work.

  16. I am absolutely ashamed of not only being a citizen of America, but also a citizen of humanity. We stand by and just let this s**t happen… politics and hidden agendas in a hundred countries are the reason why this happens day in and day out. As it has always been since human history began, the powerful few tell the rest what to do, how to feel, what to think, what is acceptable to say. STAND UP and realize this is only the beginning, because whether we wish it or not, open war is upon us…. ALL of us. I beg you all, be a soldier for humanity and help make this a better world for our children, and grandchildren.

  17. I watched this video out of curiosity and was nearly sick at these rodents
    the british ,america and all countrys should send in an army from
    each country and blow these bastards of the face of the earth they are not islam
    theyr just cowardly scumbags running amok they`v got to be stopped and slaughtered.

  18. These aren’t Muslims or follow any religion they are dirty f*****g knife wielding cowards and they will get what’s coming to them cold blooded mudering sick mother f*****g sons of w****s. We should nuke the barsteds wipe them from existance . They won’t get into the Western world cause all our governments and defences will take them out . Stay in your little strangle hold and keep trying to recruit school girls you sick Pervy f*****s. I have real Muslim friends and they say Allah would not condem what you are doing . Bang bang boom you all will be wiped out like the disease you are f*****g murderers . I’m ready to take you out if you set foot in my country you sick mother f*****s .

  19. There are so many back woods country folk that will step out she time being. I can promise you that. Our country is free! Not being rude to any, but time is vastly approaching for God to cone back to earth and take his children. If you read in the book of Revalation all this stuff going on you will read about! These nasty, rude,sick murders need to realize we each have a soul that is worth living! God have mercy on these people!!!

  20. true the end times are fast coming…i feel Really sorry for anyone who doesn’t know Jesus–i would be so scared without Him !!!…things will get worse the Bible says… may God help you find peace

  21. All ISIS are not human they are cannibal.
    all human must come out and killed them otherwise one day this beautiful planet become desert only.
    why US , UK ,France , Germany, China, Russia, japan not come together ?



  23. It’s lunacy. Both sides think the other is evil. Both sides wish each other dead. Both sides have been manipulated. None of this has anything to do with religion or democracy. It’s commerce.
    We should feel more ashamed than IS. We are reasonably well educated. Their pool is basically disenchanted illiterates. Shame on us for falling for this trick. Don’t worry, I would also like to see IS individuals burned alive.

  24. Do we have moderate ISIS some where? As much as i hate the beheadings i would also hate moderate murderers. Whats the diffence between a rebel and a rebel? Be honest with helpless people like the Shias.

  25. peace be in earth.its nothing but a time.brothehood killing brotherhood.just think wat if alien attack us wat if some blindheaded men triggres nuclear bomb.its waste of time and waste of world to have fight war for no reason.but prepare for alien attack my gud fren.its all rubbish

  26. Hello I am a muslim I don’t think people should blame all muslims or Islam as being a violent religion.ISIS are not muslims they are just f*****g bastered’s who murder innocent people by chopping they heads off and filming it so others can see .
    When the ISIS die they will get punished for all they sins.Thats what I believe in Islam religion
    They plan is to take over the world and force people to change they religion and live by they fuking rules what they leader has created. I say all the countries get together and bomb the mother f*****s they are not humans and are un- Islamic s**t f*****s they do not represent my religion Islam. I say put the s**t in the ISIS leaders mouth before chopping his dick off .

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