Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Jaafari invites former UIA founders to join new alliance

BAGHDAD / The head of the National Reform Movement on Monday said that the Iraqi National Alliance insists that the founders of the former alliance join the newly formed alliance. “The alliance aims to keep reconciliation in mind to separate authorities, to uphold the independence of the judiciary, to address the manifestations of poverty and to implement the principles of the constitution‚Ķ,” Ibrahim al-Jaafari said in a speech marking the official announcement of the Iraqi National Alliance in Baghdad today. The new alliance, which was announced earlier today, includes the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (SIIC); the Sadrist movement, led by Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr; Badr Organization; the Solidarity Bloc; the National Reform Movement; the Iraqi National Congress; the Anbar Salvation Council; the head of the Association of Iraqi Scholars, South Branch; Iraq’s Future; Daawa Party-Iraq Organization and a number of politicians. Members of the Shiite United Iraqi Alliance (UIA) had held talks with several political forces to form the new alliance. The SIIC, the Sadrist movement, al-Fadila Party, al-Mustaqilloon (the Independents) and the Daawa Party were involved in the talks. SS (S) 1

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