Tuesday, November 30, 2021


 Jihad, Binaa Movements call Muslims to show self restraint

Jihad, Binaa Movements call Muslims to show self restraint

Jihad, Binaa Movement calls Muslims to show self restrain

Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Jihad and Binaa movement within the Iraqi National Alliance called political, cultural and religious circles in Iraq and the Islamic world to denounce and condemn the offense directed to the Holy Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him), stressing the “Necessity to show self restrain and avoid being provoked to do violent behaviors that contradict the message of Islam.”

A press release for the movement received by Iraqi News (IraqiNews.com) cited that “The movement severely condemns and expresses indignation towards the abuse which offended the Messenger of Allah, Mohammed (PBUH) and the Islam as well as Muslims.”

It added, “While we condemn these abuses which are far from moral values, we also condemn neglecting any effort to set laws and regulations to prevent such abuses that target religions and religious symbols of nations.”

The statement continued saying that “The Zionist movement is behind these repeated evil abuses which aim to ignite the flames of religious wars between the Islamic World and the Christian World.”

It stressed that “Offending the personality of the Prophet Mohammad represents an offense to all the principles and values and to every Muslim in the world.”

Demonstrations started out today in a number of provinces, including Basra, Maysan, Najaf, Wassit, Babel, Salah-il-Din and Mosul condemning the repeated abuses against the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


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