Jihad: Monday meeting to adopt 2009 agreement between CG, Kurdistan RegionG

Jihad: Monday meeting to adopt 2009 agreement between CG, Kurdistan RegionG

Baghdad ( MP, Hasan Jihad, of the Kurdistani Alliance stated “The Kurdish delegation will adopt the agreement of 2009 between the Central Government and the Kurdistani Regional Government as basis to the discussions during today meeting.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “Monday meeting is a positive step that comes as a result of the initiative of the Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, who visited Kurdistan Region and held meeting with the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani.”

“The meeting is held at a critical stage and may result in reducing the tensions between the two sides,” he added.

“There is a former agreement that if was applied it will result in mutual cooperation between the two side to run the disputed areas,” he concluded.

Earlier, a meeting between the delegation of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the Kurdish negotiating delegation over administration of the security file in the disputed areas has just started on Monday, morning.

Informed source told “After the arrival of the Kurdish delegation on Monday, morning, at Baghdad, a meeting was held with officials of the Ministry of Defense to discuss running the security file between the federal military forces and Pishmirga forces in the disputed areas in a number of provinces including Kirkuk.”

The Spokesperson of Ministry of Defense, Dhiya al-Wakeel, has announced earlier this morning “It is scheduled the Kurdish negotiating delegation to arrive in Baghdad to attend the meeting that will be held in the Green Zone.”

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