Jordan confirms killing 7000 ISIL terrorists

Jordan confirms killing 7000 ISIL terrorists

Baghdad ( The Commander of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, Major General Pilot Mansour Jabour, uncovered destroying 20% of the fighting capabilities and killing about (7000) terrorists of what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant since Jordan’s participation with the International Coalition in fighting ISIL terrorist group.

Jabour declared in a press conference, held al the center of King Abdulla of training the elements of the special operations, get acquainted by Alforat News Agency ”We are in a war against what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant in defend of Islam and to revenge the martyr, pilot, Mu’aadh Kasasbeh.”

The terrorists affiliated to what is so called the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant published several photos that shows burning to death the Jordanian pilot, Mu’aadh Kasasbeh, who was captured by the terrorists when his airplane fall in a Syrian city. \End\


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    • There is a theory floating around that US was using ISIS Airstrikes as cover for bombing infrastructure in the countries leading to American commissions.
      This sorta proves that true, (If this is that is)

  1. @Gail Griffin…. Don’t you understand what you’re reading? “Since Jordan’ participation in coalition” or do i need to explain more?

  2. Jordan is amongst the comity of nations who created monsters with whom they are fighting with. Soon, countries who financed these terrorists will face consequences of their persistent support to terrorists in the name of saving the lives of Sunnis across the world. These countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan, Chechenya, Jordan, and Turkey) will be victims of their ridiculous approach. Further the oil rich states particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar will become bankrupt in next 20-25 years.

    • How could they become bankrupt they have been investing in the western world for years. in to halal and we all know that halal runs as a charity. Low if not no tax. They get the trillion return from it. Wake up there trying to dominate in the next 25 years. You will be paying Jizyah to the Muslim to live.
      Never heard such s**t.

    • That’s why the SAVAGES are buying up the UK. Qatari kuntze are building a £200 million pound palace in Regents Park Londonistan!!!

  3. How come US didn’t Kill them since there are bombing for the last 6 months or so ?

    Because theirs is more for show. Obama is an Islamic sympathiser and not really interested in wiping out ISIS.

    Good on you Jordan for showing western countries how it is done.

  4. The US is out of this. We are just arms dealers. If they sent Jordan some old Daisy cutters or moabs I could see it happening.

    • Actually the US nor any other governments are the ARMS Dealers. Just like every other War since the mid 1800’s, it’s the Banking Industry that finances Arms maker sales to both sides!

      Which includes the infamous Rothschilds Banking Family. Who’ve financed both World Wars. It’s not a matter of which side of the Muslim debate you’re on, for whichever sect is fighting the other in this present war, with Muslim killing Muslims. Now how in the world does that make any sense whatsoever to Muslims? We couldn’t have any Wars, if it wasn’t for the World’s Jewish Owned Banking Families making it possible in the first place! …..and before you assume I’m anti-Jew or anti-Muslim, it’s the Banking Industry and Arms Dealers/Makers who make Wars possible in the first place. So if anything…. I am against the unrestricted Arms Industry and the entire banking industry in the first place!!!

  5. Wrong picture!!! The Jordanian AF doesn’t use SU-25, they only have F-5 and two different types/blocks of F-16…

  6. ok so they murdered a Jordanian pilot and filmed it. easy way to stop these isis twats. line up 20 of their outspoken jihadist hate preachers in each country of the coalition and behead them live on tv. then deport their family s back to the mud hut they came from even if their kids were born in civilized nations do it and see how many kids from the uk france or any other country leave to fight with isis… bet none will if they know poor old nanna will be deported back home. simple fact here until you face the war on their level where an eye for an eye means cut their head off… you will never win

  7. Oy vay! Can you all read?

    ” since Jordan’s participation with the International Coalition in fighting ISIL terrorist group.” Jordan has been part of the coalition since Day 1. All this means is that they are claiming the coalition has killed 7000 total since the entire campaign started last year.

    Still seems a bit high but more believable. if Jordan killed 7000 since last weekend, that would be pretty darned efficient.

  8. Jordan has been in the coalition for a year and a half not just 6 days so the count sounds about right. Its about 12 per day. Bombers fly in wings of 2 to 5 with 6 to 8 bombs. Most planes return with most of their bombs not dropped. So its less than on man killed per plane flight. The only real problem is how to take out ISIS without killing women, kids, hostages and slaves. Never thought I have to write that last word in the modern context.

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