KA MP describes UN’s involvement in Iraqi crisis as Not for Iraqis’ interest

KA MP describes UN\

Baghdad ( MP, Mohsin al-Saadoun, of the Kurdistani Alliance described the involvement of the United Nations in the crisis of Iraq as “Not for the interest of Iraqi people.”

Speaking to Iraqi News ( on Friday, Saadoun said “The government must quickly adhere to the constitutional and legal demands of the demonstrators where I think that it is a normal issue and does not threaten the policy of the State and the government is responsible for giving a clear image about the situation in Iraq.”

“The involvement of the UN in the crisis is not for the Iraqis’ interest and the political blocs must be responsible for settling the current crisis away from the interference of the foreign sides,” he added.

Some media reports stated that the UN is conducting talks among the political parties to settle the pending issues.

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