KDP Decries PKK Attacks on ENKS Offices in Rojava

KDP Decries PKK Attacks on ENKS Offices in Rojava
Kurdish PKK guerrilla. File photo.

Erbil (BasNews) The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has condemned the wide-spread attacks on political offices belonging to the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) across Rojava, saying the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is imposing itself on the region and its people.

KDP’s politburo released a statement in which it accuses the PKK of placing Rojava under “ideological and political terrorism” by attacking rival parties, imprisoning their members and preventing any political activity outside their party’s power.

“The PKK in Rojava, under the name of PYD [the ruling Democratic Union Party], has banned the Kurdish flags, and considers membership in any political party, except PKK, as a crime. It ideologically and practically stands against the Kurdish values and independence,” reads the statement.

KDP also accuses the PKK of joining “regional plans” which are designed to block the Kurds from reaching their goal which is independence and freedom.

The statement follows a series of attacks by PYD affiliates against the political office branches of the ENKS in Girki Laki town, 70 km east of Qamishlo.

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