KDP and PUK discuss formation of joint committee for referendum

KDP and PUK discuss formation of joint committee for referendum
A man holds the Kurdish flag on September 4, 2011 during a demonstration in Stockholm against operations by Iran and Turkey against Kurdish separatist rebels in Iraq. AFP PHOTO /JONATHAN NACKSTRAND (Photo credit should read JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Erbil (BasNews) The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) politburos met to discuss a range of pressing issues, particularly the referendum on Kurdistan’s independence.

Today’s meeting was chaired by the President of the Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani. After the meeting, both parties released a joint statement in which they stressed the urgency of forming a joint committee which is to set the date of the referendum and set the stage for the process.

During the meeting, the two major Kurdish parties also reiterated their efforts to settle the issues of the Kurdistan Region and improve the living standards of its people. They also discussed the latest controversy which ensued when Kurdistan’s flag was hoisted in the Kirkuk province and stressed the efforts necessary for normalizing the situation.

Officials from both parties also highlighted the necessity of calling the Kurdistan Region Parliament into session, after the legislative body adjourned sine die. Authorities of the Kurdistan Region are insisting on holding the referendum before the end of 2017.

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