Khalidi: Sunday urgent session to discuss demonstrators’ demands

Khalidi: Sunday urgent session to discuss demonstrators\

Baghdad ( The reporter of the parliament pointed out that the parliament urgent session of next Sunday will discuss the demonstrators’ demands to find out the possibility of solving the problems in the country.

He stated to “Some the demonstrators’ demands are legitimate yet the Justice and Accountability Law as well as the Article 4 of Anti-Terrorism Law can not be discussed in one session because they need several sessions.”

“The parliament session of Sunday will be devoted to solve the problems in the country and to coordinate between the parliament and the political blocs in this regard,” he concluded.

Nijaifi called, Wednesday, to hold an urgent session to discuss the political crisis two days before the scheduled date for resuming parliament sessions.

A statement by the media office of the Parliament cited “Nijaifi called to hold an exceptional session on next Sunday morning to discuss the current crisis.”

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