Kurdish MP: Current demonstrations go beyond Issawi’s case

Kurdish MP: Current demonstrations go beyond Issawi\

Baghdad ( MP Hassan Jihad of the Kurdistani Alliance stressed that the demands of Anbar, Nineveh and Salah il-Din demonstrators are bigger than the issue of the Finance Minister, Rafa al-Issawi.

Jihad told Iraqi News on Wednesday “Anbar demonstrations are ongoing where the demonstrators’ demands go beyond the topic of Issawi which became part of these demands beside the essential demand for issuing general amnesty for all the detainees.”

He pointed out that “Among the fundamental demands of the protesters is the appeal for adopting balance in running the state and true partnership among the political components.”

It is worth to mention that Anbar, Nineveh, and Salah il-Din provinces witness demonstrations and sit-ins for a week to protest the arrest of the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafa al-Issawi, calling at the same time to release the woman and men prisoners.

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