Kurdish MP denies social, economic crisis in Kurdistan Region

Kurdish MP denies social, economic crisis in Kurdistan Region

Baghdad ( MP, Ruz Nouri, of the Kurdistani Alliance denied reports over economic and social crisis in Kurdistan Region.

He stated to “The living condition of the citizens in Kurdistan is very good in comparison to the regional countries or the rest of the Iraqi provinces where there are people from Turkey and other neighboring countries come to Kurdistan Region to work due to the many job opportunities in the region.”

“There are political disputes among the Kurdish sides over internal issues in Kurdistan Region but these disputes prove the maturity of the political process in Kurdistan Region,” he added.

“There is a strong opposition in Kurdistan Region that is very rare in the regional political regimes,” he stressed.

“The opposition started to be active in Kurdistan Region to gain political interests which is a normal state in all the democratic regimes but we rule out any crisis or public disputes,” he emphasized.

Some observers assures that the situation in Kurdistan Region is approaching the escalation in case the ruling parties do not take suitable procedures to improve the living conditions in the Region.

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