Kurdish parties approve their candidates

Kurdish parties approve their candidates

Baghdad ( The eight Kurdish Parties which decided to join next provincial elections confirmed that they have approved the names of their candidates and these names will be submitted to the Independent High Electoral Commission within few days to be ratified.

The Pokemedia website quoted the head of the Elections Establishment of the Kurdistani Union, Shorash Ismail, as saying Saturday “The Kurdish Parties will join a single slate under the name of (Brotherhood and Partnership) within next provincial elections,” noting that “We selected the candidates of the parties through a draw.”

Shorash clarified “We formed a Command for Elections to select Kurd candidates in provinces of Nineveh, Diyala, Salah-il-Din and Baghdad,” stressing that “IHEC set December 31st, 2012 as the deadline for submitting the names of candidates for ratification.”

The provincial elections will be conducted on April 20th, 2013.

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