Kurdish politician says parties agree to run Iraqi election with unified list

Kurds wave flags of Iraqi Kurdistan during protest against escalating crisis with Baghdad

Baghdad ( A Kurdish politician has revealed that political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan Region plan to unite in one list in the upcoming Iraqi parliament elections.

:”Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) position is to hold Election for the Kurdistan parliament before the Iraqi Parliament elections,” said Hemin Hawrami, an adviser to former Kurdish president Masoud Barzani.

“All Kurdistani parties need to unify and run as a United list for the Iraqi Parliament elections especially. In our joint meeting w/ PUK in Slemani yesterday, this was stressed,” he added.

KDP and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan leaders convened Sunday to discuss preparations for the autonomous region’s elections.

Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said following the meeting that he supports a unified electoral list, noting that a wide-scale meeting was scheduled for the next week to set a date for the region’s elections.

Iraqi parliament elections were slated for May 12th.

In december, Barzani urged the parliament to conclude, within three months, the procedures needed for holding the elections.

The polls were originally slated for November, but were postponed for eight months after a political crisis with Baghdad that followed a poll by the region in September to secede from Iraq.

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