Kurdistan Regional Government PM, Mladenov discuss situation in Iraq

Kurdistan Regional Government PM, Mladenov discuss situation in Iraq

Baghdad ( The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani said that the Kurdish parties’ agreed to join their ministers in the Federal government in Baghdad.

A statement by the Government of the region received by cited “Barzani received, last night in Erbil, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the UN to Iraq, Nikolai Miladinov and his entourage and the both sides discussed the political process in Iraq and the importance of joining the Minister of the Kurdistan Region in the federal government.”

The statement added, “The two sides discussed the movement of terrorists, and the latest security developments, and the events in Syria in general and the city of Kobane in particular and activities of the international coalition against terrorism and the Peshmerga forces’ role in fighting the terrorists.”

The two sides, according to the statement, confirmed “the need to continue and expand military aid and sending arms and ammunition to the Peshmerga forces. Adding that, the Prime Minister of Kurdistan emphasized that the Kurdistan Regional Government needs heavy weapons, training and rehabilitation of the Peshmerga in order to better its capabilities in fighting with terrorism.”

The two sides focused on the situation of displaced people in Kurdistan and agreed on “the need for continued assistance from the international community, because the winter on the doors where the situation will be more difficult and complex and will lead to the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in their camps with limited possibilities of the government of the region.

The President of the provincial government confirmed that the Kurd Ministers will begin their duties in Baghdad after a meeting with Miladinov.

For his part, Miladinov confirmed that “the Kurdistan’s meaningfully participation in Iraq’s government would enhance the success of the political process in Iraq. / End

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  1. IF Fighters from thousands of Ks away can get involved in this war Yet the countries that will be hurt the most if ISIL get a stranglehold on these areas and no Doubt will push on till all of Middle east will be controlled by ISIL arent taking the opportunity to strike this demonic force down whilst still in its infancy..Anyone with half a brain can see this..
    They are treating them as if they are a protected species..GETOF YOUR ARSES TURKEY resolve your issues with the Kurds after this war. IF you are real men you will put these issues aside give those Kurds back there weapons and help them take up the fight for humanity.. Then you and the Kurds will have a stronger bond and brotherly understanding than any countries known .. you can only be stronger and prosper if you do so..

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