Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Kurdistan Regional Government thanks International Community for supporting Kurdistan Region against ISIL

 Kurdistan Regional Government thanks International Community for supporting Kurdistan Region against ISIL

Baghdad ( Kurdistan Regional Government would like to express its gratitude, appreciation and indebtedness to President Barack Obama for taking a timely decision to provide airstrikes against the dark forces of ISIS who were killing, hunting and terrifying innocent people from Kurdistan and Iraq’s ancient minorities, the Yazidis, Christians, Shabak and other small groups. We feared that we will for ever lose those minorities if the ISIS terrorists were not stop immediately. We feared that they will commit widespread genocide against these vulnerable groups.

Kurdistan Regional Government added in a statement recieved by “We also feared that the killing machine of this inhuman ideology will be able to threaten even the very existence of Kurdistan, the only stable, democratic and tolerant region in Iraq.”

“We are grateful for the men and women of the American army who carry out these decisive attacks against the terrorist forces of ISIS,” the statement added

“We would like to wholeheartedly thank the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union for their decision to allow member states to provide Kurdistan Regional Government with military material, and to strengthen their presence in Erbil.Kurdistan Regional Government highly appreciates all other diplomatic, political and humanitarian assistance provided by several countries, including France, United Kingdom, Iran,” the statement continued.

“What the ISIS terrorist did against our minorities in Kurdistan and Iraq are the highest degree of cruelty. We thought we had seen the worst after Saddam Hussein attacked civilian Kurds in 1988 and 1989 with chemical weapons, including the people of Halabja. We thought we had experienced enough violence and killings when hundreds of thousands of civilian Kurds and minorities were fleeing Iraq’s army in the Spring of 1991 to Turkey and Iran. We thought we had paid enough in human lives, suppression, mass killings, genocide and trauma when Saddam Hussein’s regime of mass destruction was removed in 2003,” the statement stressed.

“We are reminded that we are still surrounded by dark forces who have no respect for human lives. The strong anti-human drive of ISIS and brutal attacks against the religious and ethnic minorities present grave existential threats against these vulnerable minorities in Sinjar and Ninewa province. Those who have made it to safety are now suffering massively and collectively from the atrocities they witnessed,” the statement emphasized.

“Together with the international community we are taking our responsibility to protect these minority groups in Kurdistan and Iraq. We need to make sure that those who lost their lives are buried properly, while providing all necessary help to the injured and the exhausted who are in Kurdistan now. We need to do all we can to find and bring back kidnapped women and children. At the same we must, in the best way every can, look after huge groups of IDP’s (internally displaced people) who still are going through the nightmare of what happened to them and their kidnapped relatives,” according to the statement.

“Once again we thank all political leaders, members of parliaments, military officials, rescue crews, UN aid agencies, medical teams, Peshmege forces and the general public who have done what they could to save as many lives as possible,” the statement mentioned.

“We are convinced that, once the military material and equipments delivered to the Peshmerge forces, we can protect all the citizens of our Region, our democratic achievements, religious and ethnic diversity, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. These values put Kurdistan Region apart. The international support and commitments tell us that we are fighting for the right values and standards,” the statement concluded. /End/

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