Kurdistan rejects Abadi’s request to withdraw Peshmerga from Nineveh

Peshmerga forces. File photo.
Peshmerga Forces. File photo.

( Nineveh – The progress of Peshmerga in Nineveh has raised the fears of the Iraqi government and urged Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to call the Peshmerga not to advance towards Mosul.

The government of Kurdistan Region rejected Abadi’s request and continued to advance in Nineveh, refusing to withdraw from the areas it liberated.

The Kurdish decision reinforced the fears that the Kurdistan region is attempting to monopolize more land, under the pretext of defeating ISIS, in order to expand and declare independence later.

The Kurdish refusal was followed by decisions made by the Supreme Commander of the Peshmerga forces Massoud Barzani regarding the work of his troops in their areas of influence, in order to determine how to deal with civilians in these areas and respect human rights principles.


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  1. the land they are taking does not belong to them balawat, nimrud and nineveh/mosul are all assyrian cites it does not belong to the kurds historically they want to steal land and they are doing it with help of usa.

  2. the kurds have become such a problem in north of iraq that the iraq goverment should take its historical sites like khorsabad, balawat, nimrud and mosul/nineveh back for its self as these places are assyrian and do not belong to the kurds historicaly and let the kurds have there own country the sooner the kurds get out of iraq the better they are more a problem then benefit.

    • Saeed, if your going to quote history of the Kurds, atleast get you information correct, the Kurds were occupiers of Mosul in the 12th Century as witnessed and written about by Marco Polo. The Kurds are not the problem, what we see today is the extrapolation of hatred and control by the once ottoman empire, still present, The Kurds have not had their own country because the have been continually displaced from areas where they occupied for over 1000 years

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