Kurdistan’s Premier describes visit of Kurdish delegation to Baghdad as fruitful


Baghdad ( The Premier of Kurdistan Regional Government, Najervan Barzani, described the visit of the Region’s delegation to Baghdad to negotiate about addressing the political problems as “positive step”.

During the meeting of Kurdistan Region’s Cabinet, the PM Barzani said that “This step is the outcome of the concerted efforts the President Talabani exerted before his recent ill-health,” noting that “We strongly uphold resolving the disputes via dialogue and negotiations.”

On other hand, the meeting discussed the recent visit of the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad and the talks it held about the tensions in the areas outside Kurdistan territories.

In this regard, Karim Shangali, the Kurdistan Region Interior Minister presented an overview about those negotiations stressing that the Kurdistani delegation confirmed its adherence to settle the disputes through dialogue.

The Interior Minister pointed out that “The officials in Baghdad warmly welcomed the KurdistanI delegation where the two sides agreed to hold a meeting among the relevant sides in Kurdistan during the next few days to prepare a mutual plan to address the problems.”

Earlier, Peshmerga Ministry of Kurdistan Region has described its talks with the Iraqi Central Government about running the security file in the disputes areas as “positive”.

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