Lack of seriousness behind raising ceiling of demonstrators’ demands, says MP

Lack of seriousness behind raising ceiling of demonstrators\

Baghdad ( MP Salman al-Jumaili of the Iraqiya Slate attributed the increase of the demonstrators’ demands to the government’s lack of seriousness to meet those demands.

Jumaili said in a press conference held at the parliament building, attended by reporter “Accusing the demonstrations in Anbar, Salah il-Din and Nineveh provinces of being fake and supported by foreign agendas is utterly unacceptable,” stressing that “The increase of the demonstrations’ demands indicates that the government is not dealing seriously with the masses’ demands especially with the file of the detainees.”

He pointed out that “What has been published of the released prisoners’ names in the official newspaper, which showed that there are families with its all members were detained, demonstrates existence of random arrests.”

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