Larijani, Bahr al-Oloum discuss regional updates

Larijani, Bahr al-Oloum discuss regional updates

Najaf ( The Iranian Shura Council Speaker, Ali Larijani, met the Clergyman, Mohamed Bahr al-Oloum, as they discussed the regional updates. reporter stated “Larijani met Bahr al-Oloum on the margin of his visit to Najaf province.”

“Larijani will visit the Religious Authority, Mohamed Saeed al-Hakim, as well as other religious authorities,” the reporter concluded.

Earlier, Larijani arrived in Najaf to meet the religious authorities.

An informed source told Iraqi News ( “Larijani has arrived in Najaf where he was received by the First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Qusai al-Sihail, the chairman of Najaf Provincial Council, Fa’id Kadhim Noun, as well as other officials.”

Larijani conducted visits to a number of regional countries including Turkey and Lebanon recently.

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