Larijani meets with Mladenov

Larijani meets with Mladenov

Baghdad ( Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a meeting with Nikolay Mladenov, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, underlined the inefficiency of the anti-ISIL coalition in its fight against the Takfiri terrorists.

“The recent measures by the (US-led) coalition against the ISIL lack the required efficiency,” Larijani said during the meeting.

The Iranian parliament speaker pointed to the coalition’s airstrikes in Iraq, and said, “Military operations and airstrikes without a specific political plan against ISIL won’t help establish security in Iraq at all and will, rather, result in the strengthening of this terrorist group in practice.”

Larijani referred to the UN role in Iraq, and said, “The UN can play a very important role in the restoration of tranquility to Iraq by helping the regional countries.”

Mladenov, for his part, pointed to the ongoing crisis in the region, specially Iraq, and said, “The terrorist groups in the region and Iraq should be confronted through UN resolutions and regional meetings.”

In relevant remarks last month, Larijani questioned the seriousness and honesty of the so-called international coalition against the ISIL, reminding that the coalition members are the creators and supporters of the ISIL and other terrorist groups in the region.

“The terrorist and inhumane activities of the group know no borders and mere airstrikes (by the US-led coalition) cannot purge the region from the ISIL forces,” Larijani said in a meeting with Iraqi Vice-President Nuri al-Maliki in Tehran.

In September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned of the danger of violence and extremism for the world, and called for collective cooperation among all states to settle this problem.

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing the spread of insecurities in the region; from Ukraine to the Middle-East issues and to the terrorism in Iraq and Syria, these are all common concerns,” Rouhani said in a meeting with the accredited Lithuanian ambassador to Tehran.

He warned of the danger posed by violence and extremism to the entire world, and said, “Countries should have closer cooperation and if there are any differences, there is no way but negotiation; military action victimizes innocent people and creates deep historical wounds in relations among nations; therefore, peace needs collective will and process.” /End/

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