Maliki calls Erdogan not to interfere in regional affairs

Maliki calls Erdogan not to interfere in regional affairs

Baghdad ( The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, criticized the recent statements of his Turkish counterpart, Rajab Tayeb Erdogan over impossibility of winning Maliki a third term.

A statement by Maliki’s media office quoted him as saying “Turkey faces confused internal situations where it heads towards a civil war on sectarian and communal backgrounds, therefore its government has to realize this fact and focus on addressing the internal problems.”

“We advise Erdogan to settle the affairs of the Turkish minorities and stop the policy of interfering in the regional problems and crises since it will negatively affect Turkey and its people,” he added.

“We reassure Erdogan that the civil war will never occur in Iraq because it will be confronted by the Iraqi solid and unified society,” Maliki added stressing “There is a good chance in front of Turkey that is based on mutual respect and non-interfering in the internal affairs.”

It is worth mentioning that a leading Iraqi Kurdish figure has revealed that the PM Erdogan informed the Premier of Kurdistan Region, Nagervan Barzani, during his participation in an economic conference held in Istanbul in last week, that Maliki’s winning a third term is something impossible, confirming that it is a Turkish, Iranian and US decision.

The Relation between Maliki and Erdogan has witnessed tensions and exchanging of accusations after the latter warned from an outbreak of a sectarian civil war in Iraq.

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