Maliki denies existence of US soldiers in Iraq

Maliki denies existence of US soldiers in Iraq

Baghdad ( The Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, denied the existence of any US soldier in Iraq, noting that “The search operations for the suspected airplanes is done by Iraqis only.”

A statement by Maliki’s office received by, quoted him as saying in an interview “Iraq follows the policy of open doors in its foreign relations with the world countries and the armament will be basically by the US weapons.”

Regarding the issue of the Central Bank of Iraq, Maliki said “The issue of the CBI is left to the judicial sides for investigation and no one needs to control it as stated because it belongs to the State and not to individuals.”

About reconsidering border, he assured “Discussing this issue is not possible at the current time where Dohouk province cannot be included to Mosul province and Salah il-Din province cannot be cancelled to be a part of Baghdad.”

Maliki pointed out to the Syrian situation by saying “The massacres in Syria are continued due to the support of the two sides with weapons where Iraq did not support either of those sides and will not allow the airplanes that carry weapons to pass through Iraq and what is stated about this issue is for electoral purposes.”

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